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Continuing Education Committee

About the Committee

The continuing education committee at InSOPHE provides workshops and trainings for professional health educators to improve their skills in all of the areas of responsibility and competencies for health education specialists. These events are provided with the opportunity to earn continuing education contact hours (CECH) for certified health education specialists (CHES®) and master certified health education specialists (MCHES®).

The continuing education committee is chaired by the InSOPHE Continuing Education Director, who serves a three-year term on the InSOPHE Board of Directors (BOD). In addition to chairing the committee, the Continuing Education Director is responsible for completing and managing CHES®/MCHES® continuing education contact hours (CECH) applications, communicating events with the InSOPHE BOD, and participating in the national SOPHE continuing education committee.

InSOPHE also collaborates with other organizations to provide workshops and conferences that offer CHES®/MCHES® CECH. These events offer free CHES®/MCHES® CECH for InSOPHE members and are offered in addition to InSOPHE’s workshops. If your organization is interested in collaborating with InSOPHE to provide CHES® CECH, please contact the Continuing Education Director at

Join the Committee

Any InSOPHE member can join the continuing education committee. The committee meets on the first Friday of every even month (February, April, June, August, October, and December) from 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST. Committee members can expect a two-hour time commitment each month for the committee. All committee members help to identify training topics, suggest speakers, and assist with the day-of logistics for each event.

Committee members also assist the Continuing Education Director and InSOPHE BOD with:

  • Training Development
    Help identify training topics, suggest speakers, and assist with event logistics, including selecting a date and time, identifying a venue, developing marketing materials, and assisting the InSOPHE Continuing Education Director in gathering information for the CHES®/MCHES® CECH application.
  • Continuing Education Contact Hours Review
    Review all CHES®/MCHES® CECH applications, including applications for collaborative events.
  • Day-Of Logistics
    Assist with set-up and tear-down of event space for in-person events, hosting meeting rooms via Zoom (or other platforms for online events), registering and taking attendance of event participants, introducing the speaker(s), and assisting with breakout sessions or other presentation support, as needed.

If you are interested in joining the continuing education committee, please contact the InSOPHE Continuing Education Director at

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