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Indiana Society for Public Health Education, also known as "InSOPHE",  is a professional association made up of a diverse membership of health education professionals and students. InSOPHE promotes healthy behaviors, healthy communities, and healthy environments through its membership and partnerships with other organizations and universities. With its primary focus on public health education, InSOPHE provides leadership through a code of ethics, standard for professional preparation, research, and practice; professional development; and public outreach.

InSOPHE was originally established in 1963 as the Indiana Association of Health Educators (IAHE). After 25 years of being a small local organization the membership and board of directors decided that an affiliation with a national organization would be beneficial to health educators in Indiana. After investigating numerous health education and health promotion organizations, IAHE decided that the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) most closely reflected the goals and objectives of the original organization and had many benefits to offer state affiliates. Thus on November 5, 1999, IAHE became an official SOPHE chapter.


The purpose of InSOPHE is to promote, encourage, and contribute to the advancement of the health of all people and to advance the health education/promotion profession through research, service, leadership, education, and distribution of appropriate materials. Find out more about how you can get involved with InSOPHE's leadership.

Strategic plan

InSOPHE has crafted a 5-year strategic plan for 2017-2021 that reflects its core goals.

2017-2021 Strategic Plan

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