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Advocacy Committee

The advocacy committee identifies priority health issues related to health education and empowers InSOPHE members to advocate for funding, evidence-based policies, and health education priorities.

As public health professionals, InSOPHE members must be able to see beyond health fairs and information booths. It's our job to create public health changes in our community. How can InSOPHE members do that? By advocating for what we believe in!

Health education is important to increase awareness in the community, but the next step is to get key decision makers to support public health policies. It is proven that smoke-free policies are more effective to decrease smoking rates than cessation classes, and that health and safety legislation saves lives and money. So why aren't we knocking down the doors of our legislators?

Health educators are mostly seen at the "grassroots" level, creating and conducting programs to those in need. InSOPHE knows that's important, but we need to be seen more at the "grasstops" level—meeting with legislators and key decision makers to let them know about the importance of public health policies. Not only will our voices be heard, but people will see us as the experts in public health. You are not only advocating for public health, but for public health professionals as well. InSOPHE can help you become a great public health advocate.

If you are interested in joining the advocacy committee, email today!

Our Priorities

  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  • Appropriations for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's School Health Branch
  • Health equity policies, programs, and practices that address social, economic, and environmental factors that improve health across all populations.
  • Promote the health education profession as a critical component to addressing health crises in our society.
  • Health Literacy
  • Prevention, Control, and Cessation of Tobacco Use

  • Environmental Health and Emergency Preparedness Initiatives

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