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Chapter Delegate

Each of the twenty-five (25) chapters of SOPHE has a Chapter Delegate. These twenty-five (25) delegates make up the house of delegates of SOPHE. Each Chapter Delegate has the responsibility to serve as a liaison and avenue for communication between SOPHE and their home chapter. The work of the Chapter Delegate is carried out through a semi-annual, face-to-face meetings (at the annual and mid-year conferences of SOPHE) and via monthly, sixty (60) to ninety (90) minute telephone conference calls.

The Chapter Delegate of InSOPHE collaborates with the president of InSOPHE to facilitate and ensure that:

  • The chapter is in compliance with National SOPHE by-laws;

  • The chapter is represented on the advocacy, continuing education, and external communications committees of SOPHE; and

  • The chapter responds to periodic requests for information from the executive director of SOPHE.

Each Chapter Delegate is elected by the chapter membership for a two-year term. In the InSOPHE chapter, the Chapter Delegate is elected at the fall business meeting of InSOPHE in even-numbered years. In addition to serving in SOPHE's house of delegates, the InSOPHE Chapter Delegate is a voting member on the Board of Directors of InSOPHE.

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