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James F. McKenzie Award

To honor Dr. James F. McKenzie for his incredible work in health education in Indiana, InSOPHE offers the James F. McKenzie Award for Certified Health Education Specialists. This is intended to be given to an InSOPHE member who is registered to take the M/CHES exam and displays his/her plans for using the credential to make an impact in the field of health education. The award includes reimbursement for the exam fee, following documentation of successful passage of exam.

The applicant should meet the following criteria:

  • Be a current InSOPHE member; and

  • Fit the exam eligibility criteria as stated by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing.

How to Apply

  1. Applications must be made by a current member of InSOPHE.
  2. Nomination/recommendations for this award must include the application form and a letter of support. The application form can be found here.
  3. In addition to completing the application form, all applications must include a three hundred word statement.


If self-nominating, your statement must address the following:

  • How has your education affected your plans for the future as a health education specialist?
  • How will becoming certified enhance your future career plans?

Nominating an InSOPHE Member

If nominated by a professional, please address the following in your letter of support:

  • Why do you feel that the nominee will make a difference in the field of health education in the future and make a qualified certified health professional?

Applications and nominations must be submitted by the date of the final M/CHES application deadline for the spring and fall exams, prior to the student taking the exam. This date indicated on NCHEC's website and may be subject to change per year.

Applications should be submitted to

Application and Review Process

Upon receipt of your application, the InSOPHE Secretary will compile all applications and share with the Board of Directors. Board members will review and score all applications using the scoring rubric prior to the next monthly meeting. The highest-scoring applicant will be notified of the board's decision and must submit M/CHES exam scores once they are available before exam fees will be reimbursed. Only the exam held closest to the application date will be considered for reimbursement for the award. If the original awardee of the James F. McKenzie award does not pass the exam, the runner-up of the award will be notified. After the applicant has submitted passing M/CHES exam scores, all other applicants will be notified of not receiving the award.

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