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Frequently Asked  Questions

What is InSOPHE?

InSOPHE stands for Indiana Society for Public Health Education (InSOPHE). InSOPHE is a professional organization for health education leaders throughout Indiana. InSOPHE is an incorporated as a 501(c)(6) non-profit business entity.

Why was InSOPHE formed?

InSOPHE was formed to create an environment in which health education/health promotion professionals could meet, exchange ideas, develop relationships, explore the latest trends in health education and health promotion, and learn from each other. InSOPHE gives you the opportunity to start building valuable connections early in your career, while expanding your knowledge through educational workshops and seminars.

What types of events does InSOPHE sponsor?

InSOPHE holds bi-annual meetings and workshops. In addition, InSOPHE sponsors health advocacy and health promotion events that focus on networking, education, skills building, and public awareness.

What are the benefits of joining InSOPHE as a member?

As a member of InSOPHE, you will receive special member rates for events, have an opportunity to participate in the leadership of the organization, develop skills as committee and board members, and receive newsletters and national updates, as well as have fun and meet new people.

Is InSOPHE affiliated with a national organization?

Yes, InSOPHE is affiliated with the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE). InSOPHE was originally established in 1963 as the Indiana Association of Health Educators (IAHE). After twenty-five (25) years of being a small local organization, the membership and board decided to determine if affiliation with a national organization would be beneficial. After investigating numerous health education and health promotion organizations, IAHE decided that SOPHE most closely reflected the goals and objectives of the original organization and had many benefits to offer state affiliates. Thus on November 5, 1999, IAHE became an official SOPHE chapter.

Are there limitations for InSOPHE membership?

InSOPHE does not have established limitations for membership. Our programming is most relevant to health education professionals active in today's society. InSOPHE members work in clinical, worksite, community and public health settings. They have academic degrees or experience in serving the public through health education and health promotion. Members seek to improve the life of all Hoosiers through promoting positive health behaviors.

How do I join InSOPHE and what is the cost?

Complete the InSOPHE membership registration form and send it to us. Dues for the calendar year are $31.00 for national SOPHE members, $36.00 for other non-SOPHE affiliated professionals, $16.00 for national SOPHE student members, and $21.00 for non-affiliated student members with verification of status.

How do I learn about InSOPHE events?

We post events on this website under upcoming events for the general public and we share information with our members through email and direct mail.

What do my membership dues fund?

InSOPHE membership dues fund programming expenses and the administrative overhead of the organization. By taking advantage of membership rates at events, our members can easily recoup their dues over the course of the year.

I am outside InSOPHE's target market. May I attend events and become a member?

Absolutely! Although most of our educational programming is tailored to those employed in the health related professions, our aim is to be inclusive. Persons interested in particular health issues, in building up skills, or in learning about health education and health promotion topics have all attended InSOPHE's events to their benefit. We welcome and encourage your participation and membership.

I have joined as a member. How can I get more involved with InSOPHE?

First, we encourage you to attend our events and get to know your fellow members and members of the Board of Directors. Events are organized by our volunteer committees and Board of Directors. They often need help in planning and coordinating. A new Board of Directors is elected each fall at the annual meeting to serve InSOPHE members. If you are interested in assisting in planning or on an organizational committee, please email the President to learn more about the opportunities to get involved.

What is a health educator?

As stated by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC), "health educators are professionals who design, conduct and evaluate activities that help improve the health of all people. These activities can take place in a variety of settings that include schools, communities, healthcare facilities, businesses, colleges and government agencies. Health educators are employed under a range of job titles such as patient educators, health education teachers, trainers, community organizers and health program managers."

What is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)?

Certified health education specialists (CHES) are those who have met the standards of competence established by The National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC) and have successfully passed the CHES® examination. The CHES® designation after a health educator's name is an indication of professional competency and commitment to continued professional development. To learn more about the credentialing exams for health education professionals, click here.

What is the Health Educator Code of Ethics?

The health education profession is dedicated to excellence in the practice of promoting individual, family, organizational and community health. The Code of Ethics provides a basis of shared values that health education is practiced. The responsibility of all health educators is to aspire to the highest possible standards of conduct and to encourage the ethical behavior of all those with whom they work. Click here to view the six shared values of health educators.

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